Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Veil or Headpiece?

Recently I've been going back and forth about wearing a veil vs. headpiece for the wedding ceremony. I want the best of both worlds, but don't want to be tacky.

Why I didn't think of this before, I don't know.


So while perusing these breathtaking photos from the one, the only Neysa Ruhl, I had a sudden realization...

I can wear a veil and a headpiece. I'll just do a little switch-a-roo.


OK, excuse me while I go geek out.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm trying to find invitations that will help set the mood for our wedding day. Something antique-y, vintage and glamorous.

Found these beauts on Etsy. Would have the designer make them in our colors, of course. Whatcha think??


What do you think of this color palette?

Are the colors right for a vintage-inspired Spring wedding?


On Losing My Best Friend

September has been one hell of a month.

In four short weeks I managed to wreck my car and lose my best friend.

The car can be fixed.

But the pain of losing someone so close to my heart cannot.

It's a long story and unfortunate in more ways than I can articulate. And the saddest part is, I'll never know the true reason why she chose to drop out. Friends for 20 years, you'd think I merit an explanation. But I'll never understand...

Because I was there for her wedding - as her maid of honor, standing by her side as she married the man she dated for many years. ON THE BEACH.

I was the one who put on a bridal shower - with no help from family or friends.

I was the one who shelled out money I did not have - just to see her smile.

If I had to quantify what I invested in her happiness....well, I won't do that for sake of my own sanity.

As I share my pitiful story with others I'm beginning to realize that if a friend isn't happy on account of your own happiness, are they a friend at all?

Nope. Not at all.

This little realization is the only thing bringing me peace right now.

I have nothing else to say on this subject.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

List #1, revisited

It's been awhile since I've rambled about my planning progress (or lack thereof) - but I'm finally getting somewhere. This little list tells me so.

1. Find dress [DONE]
2. Figure out wedding colors. [Almost done...I think]
3. Registry. [Semi-registered at Crate and Barrel, the other TBD]
4. Wedding Web site. [Does Facebook Weddingbook count?]
5. Bachelorette party location. [Does writing inside these brackets count?]
6. DJ or band? [DONE!]

OK, so two out of five isn't bad. Is it?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So. Like.

I got my dress!


I can't post photos nor tell you what it looks like because Mr. Fiancee is not allowed to see it.

But I will say my whole vision for the wedding has changed - because of the dress.

I see a 1920's inspired bridal wardrobe and vintage-style reception in my future.

Oh. yes.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mushy love stuff.

Fiancee is out of town this week traveling for business.

Leaving lil 'ol me to fend for myself. (Ha!)

Seriously, though.

While he's out galavanting with co-workers at a national conference, I'm coming home to an empty house, making dinner for one and sleeping by myself.

In all my solitude, I can't help but wonder, "How did I ever do this alone?"

I've always been independent. Just ask my friends. They'll say, "She's the one with that 'I don't need no man' attitude."

I was the girl who cringed when another woman outed her co-dependence. Especially after a breakup or a big fight. "I just can't do anything without him," she'd say, all sad and pity-faced.

Disgusted, I'd think to myself, "That sorry waste of flesh. She's the reason women have struggled for equality all these years."

(Sad, I know.)

So I guess Karma's taking its turn with me. Because I've morphed into that person. Ugh.

(Thanks, Karma.)

To all the women out there, those I wished those horrible thoughts, my apologies.

Because it's like I'm walking around with one shoe, and at any minute, I'm going to fall and he won't be there to catch me.

I'm absolutely head over heels, madly in love. I never knew a love like this existed. I never knew I could miss him like this.

Fiancee will be home tomorrow. I can't wait to be in his arms, leaning in to kiss his amazingly-soft, scrumptious lips.

I can't wait.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Sister

I'll be gaining a sister and a brother once Fiancee and I are married.

And I've gushed a bit about Brother. But now it's Sister's turn.

Soon you'll see some of the fabulous things she's worked up for me.

Like, my Theme Inspiration? Oh yeah, this girl has taken it to the next level.

It's amazing.

And I can't wait to show you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Theme Inspiration

I'm the type of person who believes that one eye-catching accessory can make an entire outfit pop.

So why not my wedding?

For the wedding theme, I'm looking for that magical something to inspire my colors, flowers, cake, bridesmaids dresses - you name it.

The item can be anything. A necklace, purse, headpiece, handkerchief...whatever.

I just need to like it. A lot.

Small item. Big purpose.

So who do I turn to? Etsy, of course.

This beaut offers a fantastic netting texture to go along with an even more fantastic color palette. I absolutely love the dark brown and champagne combo for weddings. I could see these elements in our invitations, the cake, bridesmaid gowns, flowers and more.
This little dandy has Spring-like elements that make me swoon. Tiffany's Blue, Sea Green. The whimsical dots, pretty white flowers, and of course the sparkly green beads. Hmmm...I'm seeing a fab escort table already.
This puppy is glitz and glam, all the way. Our invites would rock out with that peacock detailing. Loose crystal-like stones in our center peices, and a netty headpeice to finish it out. Unique. Original. Elegant. I'm sold on this one folks! (For now).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dress Shoppin'

Auntie and I will embark on the first round of dress shoppin' this weekend.

I plan to use my inspiration as a starting point, and go from there.

But I want your help.

Help me find the perfect dress.

Are you married? Planning a wedding? Tried on wedding gowns just for fun?


OK. I'd appreciate your advice. Help a girl out, will ya?

What should I do/not do this weekend? How can I make my experience memorable, productive AAAAAAND practical? This will be my first time trying on gowns.

I'll use your experiences to guide my own.

Let the fun begin!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Moment

I looked back on my recent posts and noticed a common thread. Fiancee.

A lot of Fiancee.

I guess that's because I'm so blissfully content right now, all I can think about - or write about - is him.

Funny how love does that to you.


One thing you may not know about me - I'm a complete and total news junkie.

Like, obsessive news junkie.

So, while I was perusing my Google Reader the other day, I stumble upon this article.

Do Men Really Want to Get Married?
(via CNN)


"Are you kidding me?" I think to myself.

I had to know the answer.


That evening, I ask Fiancee if he read the story I emailed him. (Yes, I sent him the damn story, OK?!)

"What was YOUR light bulb moment? When did you really know I was the one?" I ask.

He laughs at me.

But my eyes catch his with that You-Better-Tell-Me glare and his laughter breaks. He's pensive for a moment.

"Something hit me when I was talking to my mom," he said. "She asked if I was going to propose to you. I knew I wanted to marry to you then."

"Go on," I say, like a giddy school girl.

"She asked if I was going to propose at Christmas, and I said no. I'll do it later...I said I'd do it later..."


The following Spring, we were vacationing in Cartagena, Colombia - his home country.

The sun had disappeared into the ocean while we sat atop this historic city wall, overlooking a spanish-colonial town.

His hands were sweaty and cold. His words a little shaky.

And before I could say anything, he got down on one knee, with tears in his eyes.

(To be continued)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Men Really Want

Lying in bed, we turn to face each other.

I smile, he smiles back.

It's one of his best features, that smile. A quick glimpse into his soul, really.

"What makes you happy?" I say.

"Baby, I only need three things in life to be happy," he says.

Meanwhile that smile of his, beaming ear to ear, sends goosebumps down my spine.

"Really? Just three?" I ask sheepishly.


"This is it. He's about to hand me the key to his eternal happiness," I think to myself.

And with that smile, he sweetly whispers, "Baby, I need good food, clean underwear and sex to be happy. That's it."

There's a short pause. Silence.

And I begin to laugh. He laughs, too.

He knows he got me good. Mr. Funny Guy.

That day, I realize something. There is some truth in Fiancee's little joke. Men truly don't need much to be pleased. Right?

If three simple things can nurture a lifetime together...then I'll be a superstar wife.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm supposed to be compiling a grocery list for the week, but instead, I want to write.

(Lucky you.)

About a month into my relationship with him, I learned about his father.

"Tell me about your dad," I said.

He hung his head in sorrow and I already knew.

"He's gone, he died."

My whole body froze up like ice. As much as I tried, I just couldn't empathize his pain. How could I?

He lost a parent.

But something - something told me I would be the one to help shoulder his grief. It was very obvious he still ached from the loss.

And so I cautiously pursued this conversation, slowly learning how special his father was.

For example, Fiancee's contagious laughter. It is a carbon copy of his father's. Or Fiancee's knack for Jeopardy...apparently his dad was a genius when it came to trivia, too.

Little by little, I also learned his dad suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. A vicious disease that attacks the nervous system. And there is no cure. Yet.

It brings tears to my eyes knowing his father won't be with us on our wedding day.

But I'm hoping one small tribute will fill the room with fond stories, laughter and happiness - all in memory of this special man we both call "Dad."

So in lieu of wedding favors, we will make a donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I'm still figuring out how we'll tell our guests...

Like, should we leave a note on each table, or put up a photo of his dad, or make an announcement??

Please share your ideas. I'd love to know about the special wedding day tributes you've experienced.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Bandz

I'm not talking about the band that will play at our reception. (We still haven't decided if it will be a band or DJ or both).

I'm talkin bout the weddin bandz.

Fiancee and I did a little shopping this weekend, and I dragged him into Tiffany's. Just for fun.

Imagine my complete and total elation when he put this on...

All of a sudden, the engagement - being married - felt real.

Not that I don't feel engaged now. It just felt different.

Like, "You are ALL mine. FOREVER."

My heart, body and soul said we weren't just shopping for a ring - but for the piece of jewelry we'll wear for the rest of our lives. A very special band that communicates our everlasting commitment.

And then...

Like a sonic force of energy, I was thwarted from my epiphany.

Need I say more??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love Note

Since fiancee and I are most likely going with traditional vows, I was thinking about writing love letters to each other on the day of the wedding.

Something to make the day more personal.

Will be a keepsake we can show our grandchildren.

Makes for romantic photo opp.

OK! I just talked myself into doing this. Now, must convince fiancee...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

time to organize

For my organizational sanity, I'm going to use this blog as a place for planning. Here's my first list.

1. Find dress.
2. Figure out wedding colors.
3. Registry.
4. Wedding Web site.
5. Bachelorette party location - Vegas? (Yes, I'm reeeeeally looking forward to this little partaayy!!!)
6. DJ or band?


I have a borderline obsession with Neysa Ruhl photography. Did I tell you, she's gonna shoot MY wedding?!!! Oh. so. lucky I am.

Congratulations to Jocelyn and Joey - the beautiful couple featured below!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dress Inspiration

I haven't tried any dresses on...yet. But I intend to start with the trumpet/mermaid style gown and see how they fit.

I heart vintage, lace, form-fitting gowns, like the one above. Reminds me of the 50's. Classic + simple beauty. So gorgeous.
The open back is breathtaking, but risky. Lace = Love
I'm usually not a frilly-frill girl, but GAW I'd rock this in a heartbeat.
And my favorite. But I've heard people say dresses like these are super uncomfortable and too tight.

What do you think?

Monday, May 25, 2009

wedding, nightmares?

So I had this crazy dream about the wedding.

I was in my wedding dress. Ready to go. I wanted to check the reception venue to make sure everything was prepared to my standards. I float into this magnanamous ballroom. The tables have red linens. Wrong. Table settings are run amok with paper plates, plastic forks and styrofoam cups. Way wrong. There is a buffet. Oh gaw. I begin to scream so loudly that I'm thrown into conciousness. I wake up, terrified.

I've been extremely lazy. Haven't planned one single detail for the big day. I feel like we have a ton of time before the wedding, and as a result, I've been a major slacker.

On the flip side, we already have the church, reception venue and photographer so I feel like we've knocked all the big things out, too.

I'm not a dream interpreter by any standard, but I think this is a wake up call to stop procrastinating...

and get. on. it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Bonding Time

Now that we're renting a cute 'lil house, we finally have room for guests. So fiancee's brother (the best man) had the honor of being our very first overnight visitor. Here are the highlights of our time together. A little family bonding time, if you will.

Friday evening we took in a Clippers game. So fun! The new stadium is beautiful! Was nice to see people taking advantage of our fabulous Downtown.

On Saturday, we threw a BBQ for Fiance's brother and entertained about 20 guests. It's crazy to see all my friends experiencing life changes...some married, engaged. Some with kids, some expecting.

Clearly, I'm in denial about getting older. Ugh.

Anyway...on to the part I really wanted to talk about.

On Sunday I spent quality one-on-one time with future brother-in-law. And I loved it.

We walked around Easton Mall and giggled about Fiancee's awkward teen years. Sipped hand- shaken lemonade, lusted after Tori Burch flats (OK, that was me) and saw Angels and Demons. But more importantly, it was the company. Learning more about him - and the special relationship he and his brother share.

Moments like this make me look forward to marriage. I cherish the feeling of family and being together. Being loved.

Being happy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


With Neysa Ruhl photography. 'Nuff said.

A Happy One

Feeling a lot better since my last post. Finding and agreeing on a church was the hardest thing for both of us.

So....we agreed to have a Catholic wedding. The Newman Center at Ohio State will do the ceremony. Talking to the priest wasn't that bad, either!

They don't care that I'm not Catholic.
They don't care that we live together.


We will participate in three pre-cana counseling sessions. Plus spend an entire day in the fall talking to other married Catholic couples. And we've already completed two out of the three. According to a wee little test we took, we're a 92% match!

That's an A by Ohio State testing standards :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Does God Discriminate?

I'm having a really bad day. This whole "getting married in a church" thing has me down and out. Because...

Fiance's family is devout Catholic.

I am not. I don't have an affinity for any religion, whatsoever.

Here's the dilemma. Mom-In-Law really wants us to be married in a Catholic church. Being the fantastic daughter in law that I am, I really do want to respect her suggestion.


This Catholic thing really, really bugs me out. Three reasons why:

1. We would have to LIE to a church in order for them to marry us. Who wants to start a marriage based on lies?

2. We most likely have become a member of the church we're married in. Uhm, I'm not a member of any church, nor do I intend on becoming one.

3. If God does not discriminate, then why do Catholic churches turn us away when we say:

A) I'm not Catholic and
B) We live together?

That's all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

is it bad?

to barter your professional services for wedding services? i.e. trading PR talent for photography?

i'm thinking about doing it as a way to save moo-lah.

want your business profiled by some of the top wedding bloggers? how about a nice story in local/regional wedding mags? talk to me. i can hook you up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

budget illusions

The past few weeks have been very emotional and stressful for both myself and the fiance. We came to the harsh reality that A) Having the luxury wedding we both wanted was completely out of the picture, and B) GawDANG this stuff is expensive!!

So now I'm making it my mission to have the most budget-friendly, beautiful-elegant-classy wedding in CBUS. Columbus Bride, here I (we) come.

(Envision it now: me, in a fantastic, budget-friendly, uber-glam gown. On the cover of this magazine. Oh glorious day!)

Like that show on WE, Rich Bride, Poor Bride - I want you to guess what my budget is...and what we really end up spending. The winner will get something...some sort of prize.

Let the bidding begin!

Prize donations, anyone? ; -)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Official

Our wedding reception will take place at the Westin Columbus - April 10, 2010!!! Please join me in celebrating this small, ehem, major victory.

Formerly known as the Great Southern Hotel, this beauty sits on the southern edge of downtown, adjacent to the new courthouse. I fell in love with the ballroom. It's sooo elegant. And the colors will work well for springtime. Oh. yes.

Before finding this fab space, we toured 17-bazillion venues.
OK, we toured 4.

A quick run-down on those venues NOT making the cut...

The Vault - The manager/owner is NUTSO. Sorry Manager, if you're reading this. But how are you supposed to manage my wedding when you can't manage yourself?!

Venue at Smith Brothers
- Perched atop the marvelous 670 highway, this place offers fantastic views of downtown. Nice view, but whaaat? I can't hear you. Oh, and the carpet (carpet!?) is green. Lovely.

Franklin Park Conservatory - I fell in love with the Conservatory. I did. It's gorgeous. Breathtaking. Magnificent. Unfortunately, we're not rich. Not at this time in our lives, at least. So I had to say goodbye.

Columbus Athenaeum - Ehem, for those who get married at the Ath-e-nen-a-nu-mum (as the fiance calls it) please be prepared to share your day with 4 other wedding parties. I guess that's cool, if you're a wedding crasher.

Now that the reception venue is booked, the real fun starts. Like...finding a church?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the first one

after months of saying i need to blog, i'm finally here. all it took was a little inspiration - a wedding proposal, of course!

yes, i'm newly engaged. uh-huh.

embarking on this once-in-a-lifetime journey leaves me overwhelmed, excited and humbled...all at the same time. i can't wait to see where it goes.