Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Moment

I looked back on my recent posts and noticed a common thread. Fiancee.

A lot of Fiancee.

I guess that's because I'm so blissfully content right now, all I can think about - or write about - is him.

Funny how love does that to you.


One thing you may not know about me - I'm a complete and total news junkie.

Like, obsessive news junkie.

So, while I was perusing my Google Reader the other day, I stumble upon this article.

Do Men Really Want to Get Married?
(via CNN)


"Are you kidding me?" I think to myself.

I had to know the answer.


That evening, I ask Fiancee if he read the story I emailed him. (Yes, I sent him the damn story, OK?!)

"What was YOUR light bulb moment? When did you really know I was the one?" I ask.

He laughs at me.

But my eyes catch his with that You-Better-Tell-Me glare and his laughter breaks. He's pensive for a moment.

"Something hit me when I was talking to my mom," he said. "She asked if I was going to propose to you. I knew I wanted to marry to you then."

"Go on," I say, like a giddy school girl.

"She asked if I was going to propose at Christmas, and I said no. I'll do it later...I said I'd do it later..."


The following Spring, we were vacationing in Cartagena, Colombia - his home country.

The sun had disappeared into the ocean while we sat atop this historic city wall, overlooking a spanish-colonial town.

His hands were sweaty and cold. His words a little shaky.

And before I could say anything, he got down on one knee, with tears in his eyes.

(To be continued)

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