Monday, May 25, 2009

wedding, nightmares?

So I had this crazy dream about the wedding.

I was in my wedding dress. Ready to go. I wanted to check the reception venue to make sure everything was prepared to my standards. I float into this magnanamous ballroom. The tables have red linens. Wrong. Table settings are run amok with paper plates, plastic forks and styrofoam cups. Way wrong. There is a buffet. Oh gaw. I begin to scream so loudly that I'm thrown into conciousness. I wake up, terrified.

I've been extremely lazy. Haven't planned one single detail for the big day. I feel like we have a ton of time before the wedding, and as a result, I've been a major slacker.

On the flip side, we already have the church, reception venue and photographer so I feel like we've knocked all the big things out, too.

I'm not a dream interpreter by any standard, but I think this is a wake up call to stop procrastinating...

and get. on. it.

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