Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dress Inspiration

I haven't tried any dresses on...yet. But I intend to start with the trumpet/mermaid style gown and see how they fit.

I heart vintage, lace, form-fitting gowns, like the one above. Reminds me of the 50's. Classic + simple beauty. So gorgeous.
The open back is breathtaking, but risky. Lace = Love
I'm usually not a frilly-frill girl, but GAW I'd rock this in a heartbeat.
And my favorite. But I've heard people say dresses like these are super uncomfortable and too tight.

What do you think?

Monday, May 25, 2009

wedding, nightmares?

So I had this crazy dream about the wedding.

I was in my wedding dress. Ready to go. I wanted to check the reception venue to make sure everything was prepared to my standards. I float into this magnanamous ballroom. The tables have red linens. Wrong. Table settings are run amok with paper plates, plastic forks and styrofoam cups. Way wrong. There is a buffet. Oh gaw. I begin to scream so loudly that I'm thrown into conciousness. I wake up, terrified.

I've been extremely lazy. Haven't planned one single detail for the big day. I feel like we have a ton of time before the wedding, and as a result, I've been a major slacker.

On the flip side, we already have the church, reception venue and photographer so I feel like we've knocked all the big things out, too.

I'm not a dream interpreter by any standard, but I think this is a wake up call to stop procrastinating...

and get. on. it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Bonding Time

Now that we're renting a cute 'lil house, we finally have room for guests. So fiancee's brother (the best man) had the honor of being our very first overnight visitor. Here are the highlights of our time together. A little family bonding time, if you will.

Friday evening we took in a Clippers game. So fun! The new stadium is beautiful! Was nice to see people taking advantage of our fabulous Downtown.

On Saturday, we threw a BBQ for Fiance's brother and entertained about 20 guests. It's crazy to see all my friends experiencing life changes...some married, engaged. Some with kids, some expecting.

Clearly, I'm in denial about getting older. Ugh.

Anyway...on to the part I really wanted to talk about.

On Sunday I spent quality one-on-one time with future brother-in-law. And I loved it.

We walked around Easton Mall and giggled about Fiancee's awkward teen years. Sipped hand- shaken lemonade, lusted after Tori Burch flats (OK, that was me) and saw Angels and Demons. But more importantly, it was the company. Learning more about him - and the special relationship he and his brother share.

Moments like this make me look forward to marriage. I cherish the feeling of family and being together. Being loved.

Being happy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


With Neysa Ruhl photography. 'Nuff said.

A Happy One

Feeling a lot better since my last post. Finding and agreeing on a church was the hardest thing for both of us.

So....we agreed to have a Catholic wedding. The Newman Center at Ohio State will do the ceremony. Talking to the priest wasn't that bad, either!

They don't care that I'm not Catholic.
They don't care that we live together.


We will participate in three pre-cana counseling sessions. Plus spend an entire day in the fall talking to other married Catholic couples. And we've already completed two out of the three. According to a wee little test we took, we're a 92% match!

That's an A by Ohio State testing standards :)