Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Bonding Time

Now that we're renting a cute 'lil house, we finally have room for guests. So fiancee's brother (the best man) had the honor of being our very first overnight visitor. Here are the highlights of our time together. A little family bonding time, if you will.

Friday evening we took in a Clippers game. So fun! The new stadium is beautiful! Was nice to see people taking advantage of our fabulous Downtown.

On Saturday, we threw a BBQ for Fiance's brother and entertained about 20 guests. It's crazy to see all my friends experiencing life changes...some married, engaged. Some with kids, some expecting.

Clearly, I'm in denial about getting older. Ugh.

Anyway...on to the part I really wanted to talk about.

On Sunday I spent quality one-on-one time with future brother-in-law. And I loved it.

We walked around Easton Mall and giggled about Fiancee's awkward teen years. Sipped hand- shaken lemonade, lusted after Tori Burch flats (OK, that was me) and saw Angels and Demons. But more importantly, it was the company. Learning more about him - and the special relationship he and his brother share.

Moments like this make me look forward to marriage. I cherish the feeling of family and being together. Being loved.

Being happy.

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