Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Theme Inspiration

I'm the type of person who believes that one eye-catching accessory can make an entire outfit pop.

So why not my wedding?

For the wedding theme, I'm looking for that magical something to inspire my colors, flowers, cake, bridesmaids dresses - you name it.

The item can be anything. A necklace, purse, headpiece, handkerchief...whatever.

I just need to like it. A lot.

Small item. Big purpose.

So who do I turn to? Etsy, of course.

This beaut offers a fantastic netting texture to go along with an even more fantastic color palette. I absolutely love the dark brown and champagne combo for weddings. I could see these elements in our invitations, the cake, bridesmaid gowns, flowers and more.
This little dandy has Spring-like elements that make me swoon. Tiffany's Blue, Sea Green. The whimsical dots, pretty white flowers, and of course the sparkly green beads. Hmmm...I'm seeing a fab escort table already.
This puppy is glitz and glam, all the way. Our invites would rock out with that peacock detailing. Loose crystal-like stones in our center peices, and a netty headpeice to finish it out. Unique. Original. Elegant. I'm sold on this one folks! (For now).

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