Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Does God Discriminate?

I'm having a really bad day. This whole "getting married in a church" thing has me down and out. Because...

Fiance's family is devout Catholic.

I am not. I don't have an affinity for any religion, whatsoever.

Here's the dilemma. Mom-In-Law really wants us to be married in a Catholic church. Being the fantastic daughter in law that I am, I really do want to respect her suggestion.


This Catholic thing really, really bugs me out. Three reasons why:

1. We would have to LIE to a church in order for them to marry us. Who wants to start a marriage based on lies?

2. We most likely have become a member of the church we're married in. Uhm, I'm not a member of any church, nor do I intend on becoming one.

3. If God does not discriminate, then why do Catholic churches turn us away when we say:

A) I'm not Catholic and
B) We live together?

That's all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

is it bad?

to barter your professional services for wedding services? i.e. trading PR talent for photography?

i'm thinking about doing it as a way to save moo-lah.

want your business profiled by some of the top wedding bloggers? how about a nice story in local/regional wedding mags? talk to me. i can hook you up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

budget illusions

The past few weeks have been very emotional and stressful for both myself and the fiance. We came to the harsh reality that A) Having the luxury wedding we both wanted was completely out of the picture, and B) GawDANG this stuff is expensive!!

So now I'm making it my mission to have the most budget-friendly, beautiful-elegant-classy wedding in CBUS. Columbus Bride, here I (we) come.

(Envision it now: me, in a fantastic, budget-friendly, uber-glam gown. On the cover of this magazine. Oh glorious day!)

Like that show on WE, Rich Bride, Poor Bride - I want you to guess what my budget is...and what we really end up spending. The winner will get something...some sort of prize.

Let the bidding begin!

Prize donations, anyone? ; -)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Official

Our wedding reception will take place at the Westin Columbus - April 10, 2010!!! Please join me in celebrating this small, ehem, major victory.

Formerly known as the Great Southern Hotel, this beauty sits on the southern edge of downtown, adjacent to the new courthouse. I fell in love with the ballroom. It's sooo elegant. And the colors will work well for springtime. Oh. yes.

Before finding this fab space, we toured 17-bazillion venues.
OK, we toured 4.

A quick run-down on those venues NOT making the cut...

The Vault - The manager/owner is NUTSO. Sorry Manager, if you're reading this. But how are you supposed to manage my wedding when you can't manage yourself?!

Venue at Smith Brothers
- Perched atop the marvelous 670 highway, this place offers fantastic views of downtown. Nice view, but whaaat? I can't hear you. Oh, and the carpet (carpet!?) is green. Lovely.

Franklin Park Conservatory - I fell in love with the Conservatory. I did. It's gorgeous. Breathtaking. Magnificent. Unfortunately, we're not rich. Not at this time in our lives, at least. So I had to say goodbye.

Columbus Athenaeum - Ehem, for those who get married at the Ath-e-nen-a-nu-mum (as the fiance calls it) please be prepared to share your day with 4 other wedding parties. I guess that's cool, if you're a wedding crasher.

Now that the reception venue is booked, the real fun starts. Like...finding a church?