Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Men Really Want

Lying in bed, we turn to face each other.

I smile, he smiles back.

It's one of his best features, that smile. A quick glimpse into his soul, really.

"What makes you happy?" I say.

"Baby, I only need three things in life to be happy," he says.

Meanwhile that smile of his, beaming ear to ear, sends goosebumps down my spine.

"Really? Just three?" I ask sheepishly.


"This is it. He's about to hand me the key to his eternal happiness," I think to myself.

And with that smile, he sweetly whispers, "Baby, I need good food, clean underwear and sex to be happy. That's it."

There's a short pause. Silence.

And I begin to laugh. He laughs, too.

He knows he got me good. Mr. Funny Guy.

That day, I realize something. There is some truth in Fiancee's little joke. Men truly don't need much to be pleased. Right?

If three simple things can nurture a lifetime together...then I'll be a superstar wife.

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