Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Bandz

I'm not talking about the band that will play at our reception. (We still haven't decided if it will be a band or DJ or both).

I'm talkin bout the weddin bandz.

Fiancee and I did a little shopping this weekend, and I dragged him into Tiffany's. Just for fun.

Imagine my complete and total elation when he put this on...

All of a sudden, the engagement - being married - felt real.

Not that I don't feel engaged now. It just felt different.

Like, "You are ALL mine. FOREVER."

My heart, body and soul said we weren't just shopping for a ring - but for the piece of jewelry we'll wear for the rest of our lives. A very special band that communicates our everlasting commitment.

And then...

Like a sonic force of energy, I was thwarted from my epiphany.

Need I say more??

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